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Outsourcing your Bookkeeping Service

Grow your Business, Not your Overheads

Imagine all your clients’ bookkeeping and accounting information arriving in a consistent and professional format every time, allowing you to generate more efficient procedures to free capacity.

Avoid fixed overheads

You pay as you go. As all our services are based on a fee per client, which is then 100% recovered by you.

Accurate & Up-to-date

By updating your clients’ accounts on a weekly basis, you’re able to provide real advice in real time with real data.

Fixed Fees

You receive a fixed fee proposal so you know exactly what you are paying allowing you to give your clients total peace of mind on fees.

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We're Your Back Office

Protect Your Client Relationship

One of the key fundamentals of the Zerobooks model is that we don’t ever contact your client unless you specifically tell us to.  We are not tax agents or business advisors. Any queries are directed back to you so your clients never deal with a third party and there is no confusion as to who is the trusted advisor.


This provides you security that your relationship with your client is never compromised or threatened by a third party. Our model is designed so that we operate as a resource that complements what you do, with no potential overlap. Our purpose is to provide you with the support you need to service your clients and build your business.

Bookkeeping Services

How your clients benefit

With the growth of cloud accounting and a the brave new global workforce, the business environment has now reached a point where outsourcing your clients’ bookkeeping is not only a viable option for their business, it’s an incredibly attractive and easy to implement option. Imagine what your client would do with an extra 10 or 20 hours a week to work ON their business? Their business growth would take a rapid upturn.

Streamline Thier Suppliers

Skip the data entry, their suppliers send the invoices directly to us and we’ll enter and attach the invoice in Xero ready for them to approve and pay.

Reconcile Their Records

Up to date accounts, no more bank reconciliations because we’ll take care of it for them.

Deal With Their Debtors

Improve their cashflow, we will follow up overdue accounts so they don’t have to.

Monitor What Matters

Know how their business is actually performing, our monthly management report highlights key KPIs for their business.

Build Their Business

Now that they’ve got the admin covered, they can focus on building their business!

Financial Report Online

The Process

How It Works

Zerobooks has developed a tool in-house to allow our partners to easily submit all client bookkeeping jobs. With a no-hassle, easy to use form, the Partner Portal will generate bookkeeping proposals and submit jobs on the spot. No waiting around for us to email you a quote. SIMPLE & EASY.

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Submit Form

Detail the type of bookkeeping services for your client in our easy to use form.

Peruse Proposal

Proposal is available on screen as well as emailed to you.

Accept Services

Instantly choose services that you do/don't require based on the proposal.

Job Submitted

Once accepted, job is instantly allocated to one of our managers

By outsourcing our bookkeeping services through Zerobooks, we achieve exactly what our clients need, and Zerobooks produces the work in a more timely and cost-effective way than we ever could, doing it in-house. Zerobooks is a smart outsourcing solution for any accountant looking to focus on advising their clients, rather than having to spend time fixing their basic bookkeeping and record keeping.
Joe Walsh
JWA Accountants
Using Zerobooks’ outsourcing services means we can focus on building our business while Zerobooks does the data processing. We’re now focussing on introducing new add-on partners and processes to their clients to make their business more efficient and profitable. We can build on our own business because we now have the time to market our services.
Mel Power
Power Finance
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